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Fall Yard Clean Up Lawn Services

Fall yard clean up services are an important part of preparing your lawn and garden for the winter as well as ensuring that it stays healthy until spring arrives.

Take advantage of Go Lawn & Snow’s Complete fall yard clean up lawn services and ensure a vibrant garden in spring.

What do our fall yard clean up lawn services include?

Raking and collection of leaves and debris

We’ll make sure that your garden is cleaned of all leaves and debris. This will maintain soil balance and promote healthy plants.

Fall pruning of shrubs

Pruning shrubs several times during the growing season or when they are dormant could impact their growth. We recommend fall pruning as it takes care of any dead or decaying parts and encourages shrubs to stay healthy during the cold.

Removal of annual flowers

As with the leaves it is important to remove remnants of annuals.

Final lawn cutting

Mowing your lawn to the correct height in fall ensures that it remains moist and has access to nutrients from the soil. Our lawn specialists will do a final lawn cutting to promote thick, healthy and drought-resistant turf next season.

Raking Of all leaves from yard front and back

We offer a complete line of services for your Calgary lawn and garden needs.

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Aeration
Power Rake and Hand Rake
Blow Leaves from Flower Bed and Walk Ways
Lawn Cut and Trim
Lawn Vacuum
Pet Waste Removal
Fertilize Application


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Need Snow Removal? Have a gardening project? Shrubs and trees in need of pruning? Flower beds need a little TLC? We do it all! Check out our Landscape Services page and see how Go Lawn & Snow can help.

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We Guarantee it!

A residential snow removal contract with the Go Lawn & Snow guarantees a peaceful winter for you and your family. Avoid heavy city fines and heavy labor at the same time - rest easy knowing that the snow will be gone without ever having to lift a finger. 

Winter Safety for You and Your Family: Not only can we plow your driveway, but we can also shovel any entrances, walkways, or city sidewalks, ensuring a safely accessible property for you, your family and guests. Don't worry about the snow, you can rely on us to keep your property safe and clean all Winter season long

Our seasonal service contracts are flat-rate and all-inclusive
There are no hidden costs, no extra visit charges, and no worrying about past-due extra payments. You know exactly what you will be paying for the whole season when you sign up.

Residential properties are cleared within 24 hours of the snowfall's end.

Return clearing visits made during heavy storms
For snowfalls which accumulate to 4 inches or more, our crews will go out once to clear during the storm, and will then return as many times as necessary as long as the snow keeps falling.

Full service contracts can include clearing of not only your driveway, but also sidewalks, steps, porches, entrances, and just about anything you need shoveled.

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Day Scheduling
We schedule regular appointments to visit your property on the same day and time of the week
Supports Veterans,Seniors
We proudly honor and support those who have volunteered their services over the many years
Free Consultations
We offer free consultations for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote
Independant Living
We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished in time and budget
Dependable Services
Operating for more than 30 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work
Are you tired of spending hours mowing your lawn every weekend?
Take back your free time by having us take care of your garden

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